An Interview With Xun What if…

What if…


I’m going to start by asking you…What is your name?
My name is Xun.
Where were you born?
I was born in Suzhou, China.
And you are still living there?
Yes. I’m still living there. Yeah.
We are going to start the what-if questionnaire. It’s a questionnaire that your imagination is unlimited.
And it could also be unrealistic.
Yeah. No problem.

What if I was…

…a heroine?

What if you’re a heroine?
I think I would like to be the Monkey King. Yeah. Because this year it is the Monkey Year of China. And Monkey King, he has a lot of power and also I want to use that kind of power. Especially is because Monkey King, he can change to anybody, any stuff he wants to be. And that kind of capability is what I want.

…a place?

If you were a place?
If I were a place, I think I want to be my bedroom. Because it is really comfortable and if I have enough time, I would like to spend more time just lying down on my bed and feeling really relaxed.

…a quotation?

What if you were a quotation?
It will be keep calm and mediate.

What if I could…

…change a law?

If you could change a law?
I think I want to change the law for marriage. Because I think it’s not good when only one man can marry one woman. Because sometimes, people may love more than one person. It could be possible that more than two people want to build one family. So.

…be reincarnated?

If you could be reincarnated?
If I will be reincarnated, I will be a tree because trees live longer. As human wen only have at most a hundred years to live. And it was too short for me to experience the world. I would like to see the world, see how it changes in the long run, more than hundreds of years.

…mediate a too good to be true dispute (how about Montague / Capulet)?

What if you could mediate a too good to be true dispute?
I think I want to mediate between the different religions. Because I saw there are a lot of conflicts between religions, especially the Islamic world and the western world. And I think, as we are all humans, we should live in harmony and in a more peaceful life so I will do that kind of mediation.

What if you knew…

…my mentor’s name?

If I knew your mentor’s name?
Now I haven’t got a mentor. But if you..if I must say, that there should be a mentor. I will say it will be my parents. Till now, my parents have taught me a lot. Maybe later I will get a mentor but till now I don’t have one.

my favorite word?

If I knew your favorite word?
Hello! This is my favorite word. I love greeting with people from all the other different counties. So that’s my favorite word.

the word I dislike most?

If I knew the word you dislikes most.
Maybe goodbye. I hate farewells.

…my secret weapon?

If I knew your secret weapons as a mediator?
Seriously, it is maybe I can hide my emotions very well so I will not judge depend on my personal feelings. And I can analyze what the other party say to me and make my evaluation based on objective principles.

…my Achilles heel as a mediator?

If I knew your Achilles heel as a mediator?
I think maybe is also something regarding the emotions. Because I care about how people feel. So it could be that the other people, they take advantage. Because I care about how they feel. And I pay attention to their feelings.


If God exists, this is what I’ll tell him when I meet him.

If if if, God exist, what would you like to tell him when you meet him?
Oh God, I thought you didn’t exist. But you exist! How come?

And this is what I want him to tell me when I meet him.

And if God exist, what would you like him to tell you when you see him?
Welcome to paradise, let me show you around it.

If I do what I say, not as I do.

If you do what I say, not as you do?
Don’t waste time.

If I give my ideal dinner party (venue, menu, guests).

If you could give your idea to your ideal dinner party, the menu? The guests?
I think I want a dinner party. It’s the Last Dinner. Raffle. The famous dinner painting. I want to join it, join in it.


If I was to give an advice to an experienced mediator.

If you could give advice to a very experienced mediator?
Very experienced mediator? A suggestion? I think there are a lot of different types of mediation styles around the world. Maybe we could combine all the different advantages or benefits of all kinds of styles of mediation.

If I had a gift that could be put online on my behalf (a link to a painting, a music, a video, a recipe, a picture I like, etc..)

If you can put a gift on your behalf? Links to a painting, music or recipe?
I think since I’m from Suzhou, a very beautiful city in China. I would like to be the tour guide. So maybe you guys can find me on Facebook. And when you come to Suzhou, I will very willing to be your tour guide!
Thank you very much!
You are welcome!
February, 2016


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